sex work resource empowerment education team
It pays our rent, it keeps us clothed, it supports our needs, it feeds our kids. We are a team of researchers made up of sex workers with experience in stripping, escorting and BDSM, academics and social workers. We are interested in knowing about your experiences and what we can do to improve the social services that you access in your area. So whether you are street based, working indoors, escorting, dancing, doing BDSM, web cam or phone sex we would love to talk to you anonymously. And because sex work is real work, you will be compensated for your valuable time.
In the film Showgirls, Nomi (Elizabeth Berkley) arrives in Las Vegas with a suitcase and a dream of becoming a showgirl. She quickly befriends Molly (Gina Ravera), who works at the high-profile Stardust Hotel, and lands a job at a seedy strip club. A chance meeting with Cristal (Gina Gershon), the Stardust's marquee dancer, and her powerful boyfriend, Zack (Kyle MacLachlan), brings Nomi one step closer to realizing her dream. But, as she ascends to the top, Nomi begins to wonder if it's all worth it.
What's your REAL experience stripping?